Arctic Marine Solutions, LLC (AMS) is a passenger and cargo transportation support services company operating in the near-coastal marine and arctic tundra environments of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.


Delivering people and cargo to remote and challenging project locations – throughout Alaska. Whether it involves shallow water/no water situations, unimproved beach landing sites, tundra travel over sensitive vegetation or the -40 degree frozen, wind-swept arctic desert of the North Slope, AMS has the right assets and the right people to meet your project transportation needs.


AMS has been  supporting projects in Alaska since 2010 and practice a Safety – First approach in everything we do.

Meeting the specific needs of our customers with reliable cargo and passenger service safely - every day - is what we do...

The safety of our employees and customers is a first priority for AMS. We approach every activity, job, task, and process with worksite-specific safety training, proper personal protective equipment and safety personnel on the ground, every day, to ensure a safe project work environment.

Arctic Marine Solutions, LLC

Mailing Address Pouch 340024 
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska 99734

Pouch 340024

Prudhoe Bay, Alaska 99734

Phone: 907.360.2982

Fax: 907.224.5572

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